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Dr. Patricia Rochette

Dr. Patricia Rochette

DO, Osteopathic Healing

Patricia Rochette, D.O., has been intrigued with the mind-body connection for as long as she can remember. She knew she wanted to become a doctor at the tender age of five, later completing a degree in psychobiology at the University of California at Santa Cruz. After medical school, she practiced internal medicine, later shifting her practice to primarily traditional, hands-on osteopathy.

During the past two decades, Dr. Rochette has also worked intensively with mindfulness and a number of healing modalities. She has dedicated her practice to sharing her insights with patients to enable them to let go of personal limits and fears that impair mental and physical health. After twenty years of conventional osteopathy, she has pioneered and continues to research the new field of spiral neural repatterning that she now uses in treatments and shares with her profession.

A real transformation of how we hold on to patterns in our nervous systems requires a deepening understanding of our bodies and minds, which sets the stage for long lasting and genuine change. Dr. Rochette has observed dramatic shifts in patients’ understanding of themselves, which is a wonderful, primary pathway to the alleviation of pain and its underlying causes.

Welcome to the new, vastly expanding field of modern transformational medicine. In conjunction with the family of healing modalities and our colleagues—the experts, specialists, and researchers at Radiance Family Wellness—you truly have partners for your process of complete transformation!

Berkeley Office:
East Bay Osteopathic Medical Center
3099 Telegraph Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94705
(510) 549-3636

Lafayette Location:
961 Dewing Ave (near Mt Diablo Blvd)
Lafayette, CA  94611
(510) 549-3636

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