Tibetan Cranial Therapy

Tibetan Cranial Therapy

Experience the healing and deep relaxation of power of TC

Experiencing TC Treatments

What Happens During a TC Treatment?

Most of the TC session is a silent exchange which takes place between you and the practitioner. This interaction requires comprehensive perception on the part of the practitioner as s/he listens carefully to your body’s communication via subtle pulses.

The Practitioner kneels at the end of the table above the client’s head. At various times, the practitioner moves to the client’s head, hands, middle torso or feet to assess pulses. Then adjustments are made to the skull, face, mouth, jaw and neck.

What Will I Experience During a Treatment?

TC takes place in a quiet setting. Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended. You will be asked to remove your shoes and recline on a table specifically designed for TC. The practitioner kneels on the floor at your head, a position that allows for ideal facilitation of the work.

The practitioner will continue taking subtle pulse readings, touching vital points on the skull, wrist, and ankles. As pulse readings are repeated, further changes are made until optimum balance is achieved.

Throughout each session, the practitioner continues to hold an internal sacred space of prayer or mantra. Then the work is sealed, followed by a period of quiet relaxation. This process allows for full integration to take place.

 What Typically Happens After a Treatment?

Experiences vary according to the condition of each individual, and from treatment to treatment. For example, some people sleep several hours after a session, reporting a sense of profound relaxation. Others enjoy a significant increase in energy. You might fall asleep on the table or feel the need to talk about emotions or memories as they arise. Children often say that their head feels like a balloon, which visually describes the experience of spaciousness after the release of compression.

Because TC promotes the body’s innate and remarkable capacity for self-healing, a “reorganization” process may occur as your body adapts to the release of previously held patterns. A reduction in pain or increase in overall functioning may occur immediately after a session, or may develop gradually within a few days. Generally, most people experience a profound state of well-being.


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