Sita Davis, Yoga Instructor

Sita Davis, Yoga Instructor

Yoga Instructor, Lunar Calendar Coach

Sita Rosalie Davis

Yoga Therapist and Lunar Calendar Coach

Sita‘s classes maintain a focus on self-awareness and discovery of breath, energy and connection, in the spirit of her deep desire that all beings may experience their own inherent wholeness. They are accessible to beginners and all bodies. Sita is a Certified Yoga Therapist with over 1000 hours of training through Niroga Institute in Berkeley and Dharma Inc in Berkeley, Oakland and Thailand. Born in India and raised in the Bay Area, she has been practicing yoga regularly for the past fourteen years and intermittently since childhood. Her earliest teachers were her parents, who spent the months before and after her birth studying with TKV Desikachar in Southern India. Sitahumbly and lovingly shares the trauma-informed, heart-opening transformational practices of yoga that have been transmitted to her over the years from her beloved teachers.

In one-on-one sessions she will consider your physical constitution, life history, personality, and any ailments or imbalances in order to tailor a practice that specifically supports your healing. In addition to the tools of breath, movement, meditation and chanting, Sita uses the New Moon Calendar Journal ( as a tool to support clients in deepening their self-awareness and understanding, tuning into natural cycles and creating lasting transformation in their lives.