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Robert Helliesen

Robert Helliesen

Tibetan Cranial Therapist, Natural Health Practitioner

I began my spiritual healing journey in 2004,  five months after graduating from Sonoma State University.  I was offered a job at a spa in Petaluma and was encouraged to become a massage therapist.  This was the decision that changed my life.  I went from being completely centered on all that was around me to becoming ‘body aware’.

I went from coffee to tea, from carnivore to vegetarian and from 186 down to 125.  My massage practice began to thrive and I became interested in yoga and other healing modalities.  in 2007 I met my teacher Shar.  Shar is the only know linage holder of the ancient healing modality which we refer to as Tibetan Cranial.  Tibetan Cranial Therapy is an amazing healing modality capable of producing dramatic transformation.  T.C. is known for helping with the following conditions:  headaches; migraines; back and neck pain; whiplash; head injury; concussion; traumatic brain injury (TBI); stress-related conditions; anxiety; depression; Multiple Sclerosis; Parkinson’s; Trigeminal Neuralgia; tremors; seizures; other nervous system disorders; TMJ pain and other jaw-related issues; tinnitus / ringing of the ears; sleep disorders; sinus problems; hormone imbalances; autism; chronic pain; connective tissue disorders; and more. Others have reported gaining more clarity of thought, insight into past traumas, and increased ability to work with emotional challenges.*

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