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Kara Klotz

Kara Klotz

Chi Nei Tsang, Tui Na Chinese Massage

Having a father who became a 6th degree black belt in the martial arts, I have always been aware of Chi, life force energy. Everything is made of energy. The health of our bodies is dependent on the flow and vibrancy of the life force energy flowing through and around each of us.

Chi Nei Tsang is a practice that works with the energy of the organs and functionality of the body systems. On the surface it feels like abdominal massage, and internally, it affects everything. Acupressure, Tui Na Chinese massage, and Shiatsu are also 5,000 year old practices that have lasted this long because they work. Healing Touch Energy Therapy stemmed from Western trained nurses who saw their patients heal better and faster with human touch. They gathered healing techniques from around the world and were given permission to teach them.

I work with these therapies that unleash the healing wisdom stored in our bodies. I began my studies in 2000 and have been honored to work with people of all ages, facing varieties of life circumstances.

My goal is to get to the root cause of dis-eases – whether it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. I am so thankful to have walked with so many people on their healing journeys. We learn, heal, grow, and expand together…..

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