Spring Equinox Gathering


Sunday March 22, 5-8pm

Gather with us to celebrate the abundance of Spring. This evening of ritual will be a luxurious interplay of beauty, mediation, shamanic journey, casting spells, sharing, and raising our vibrations.

In Greek mythology the Spring Equinox celebrates the return of the Goddess Persephone from the Underworld, a powerful Goddess for us to connect with as the Wheel of the Year turns to Spring.  She is warmed by the strengthening light of the Sun and she awakes bursting forth from her sleep and blankets the earth with green fertility. She is the Lady of Light who brings life and possibility back to the Earth. She rules beginnings and rebirth. 

Together we will wake up from our long slumber and look around at the beauty that surrounds us. How do we want to engage with this new life? What truly balances our spirit on this day of equal sunlight and darkness?

We will guide you in ritual that connects you to all the energies of Life. We will call in the Four Directions as we cast a sacred circle. This practice reawakens the archetypal energy that each direction holds. Your awareness of everything around you is heightened. You are then grounded in the presence of powerful elements and able to respond to your own guidance in harmony with life.

The Spring Goddess will be our Muse and our Guide. We will spend the evening in her presence, calling her in to show us her way. She will speak to us of new life and show us what seeds want to grow within. We will do a shamanic journey to meet her and we will adorn ourselves in her bounty using flowers to weave in our deepest wishes, shining our light upon the seeds each of us wants to manifest. 

Join us as we welcome the Spring Goddess into our circle and find out what truly balances our spirit on this day of equal sunlight and darkness.

However you are waking up we send love and warm rays of sun.

~ Shannon & Erica

Co-lead by Erica Skone-Rees & Shannon Hopkins

Shannon Hopkins has practiced shamanic guidance, intuitive healing, and massage therapy for over 20 years. She leads rituals, ceremonies, rights of passage and women’s moon circles. She makes her home in Walnut Creek with her husband and two sons. See her offerings at www.blessingways.com

Erica Skone-Rees is a creative spirit, with over 20 years of working in the arts and education. She teaches creativity & wellness workshops, at Rare Bird, a gift shop and makers studio she founded in 2010 in Oakland, California. Erica holds space for ritual, guided visualization, and self inquiry through art, viewing the creative process as a healing journey. She has practiced energy work, mindfulness, and meditation for 10+ years, and has been leading moon circles for four years. Erica lives & loves in Oakland with her partner and siberian husky pup. Visit her shop & workshop offerings at www.therarebird.com.